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... has left the building! It's winging its way to the first of three wonderful, heaven sent, Beta readers. Please wish it well!




The year 2020 needs no introduction from me. All three venues from where I usually teach have been mothballed until at least Easter 2021, and I sincerely hope this will not compromise their business and livelihoods on a permanent basis.


On a happier note, I am delighted to say that, after a little to-ing and fro-ing with design and structure, all my courses are currently running in some shape or form online. I can't tell you how good it is to see my writers' faces again, albeit a little blurry and in a box onscreen. We will be continuing online for the spring term 2021, after which I sincerely hope we will (also) be back laughing and learning in person. For more information, and to sign up to 2021 courses, please click below.


A happy consequence of teaching online, has made me realise that it is just a different form of practising writing, rather than a compromise. I am one of life's original 'late adopters' of technology. I fear its consequences like others fear spiders. But even I have have come to love 'breakout groups', and quick fire answers using Chat - in fact, if you find me sending you out in pairs to swap ideas under a table or brainstorm an exercise in the kitchen, it's just me trying to replicate a breakout room in the real world...


Seriously, it works, and nobody is more surprised about that, than I am.





Of course, being online, I can now extend my courses beyond Yorkshire as has been requested in the past but sadly, with life still refusing to throw us more than 24 hours a day, not previously been possible.


I'll therefore continue to run a selection of my courses online, in addtion to in-person, once Covid-19 has finally slung its painful hook, and I've noted this where applicable.


For more info and to book your place for all courses commencing early 2020, click:


Short Story (in luxury)


Novel in a Year


Feedback Frenzy


Writing Retreat: Slovakia (17 - 22 March 2020)


Writing Retreat: Majorca (May 2020: coming soon)

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